MarkerClusterer for Google Maps v3

The library creates and manages per-zoom-level clusters for large amounts of markers.
This is a v3 implementation of the v2 MarkerClusterer.

For a description and examples of how to use this library, check out the how-to.

class MarkerClusterer

This class extends google.maps.OverlayView.


Constructor Description
MarkerClusterer(map:google.maps.Map, opt_markers:Array.<google.maps.Marker>, opt_options:Object) A Marker Clusterer that clusters markers.


Name Type Description
gridSize number The grid size of a cluster in pixels.
maxZoom number The maximum zoom level that a marker can be part of a cluster.
zoomOnClick boolean Whether the default behaviour of clicking on a cluster is to zoom into it.
averageCenter boolean Whether the center of each cluster should be the average of all markers in the cluster.
minimumClusterSize number The minimum number of markers to be in a cluster before the markers are hidden and a count is shown.
styles object An object that has style properties.


Name Type Description
url string The image url.
height number The image height.
width number The image width.
anchor Array The anchor position of the label text.
textColor string The text color.
textSize number The text size.
backgroundPosition string The position of the backgound x, y.
iconAnchor Array The anchor position of the icon x, y.


Methods Return Value Description
addMarker(marker:google.maps.Marker, opt_nodraw:boolean) None Adds a marker to the clusterer and redraws if needed.
addMarkers(markers:Array.<google.maps.Marker>, opt_nodraw:boolean) None Adds an array of markers to the clusterer.
clearMarkers() None Clears all clusters and markers from the clusterer.
getCalculator() function(Array|number) Gets the calculator function.
getExtendedBounds(bounds:google.maps.LatLngBounds) google.maps.LatLngBounds Extends a bounds object by the grid size.
getGridSize() number Gets the size of the grid.
getMap() google.maps.Map Gets the google map that the clusterer is associated with.
getMarkers() Array. Gets the array of markers in the clusterer.
getMaxZoom() number Gets the max zoom for the clusterer.
getStyles() Object Gets the styles.
getTotalClusters() number Gets the number of clusters in the clusterer.
getTotalMarkers() Array. Gets the array of markers in the clusterer.
isZoomOnClick() boolean Whether zoom on click is set.
redraw() None Redraws the clusters.
removeMarker(marker:google.maps.Marker) boolean Removes a marker from the cluster.
resetViewport() None Clears all existing clusters and recreates them.
setCalculator(calculator:function(Array|number)) None Sets the calculator function.
setGridSize(size:number) None Sets the size of the grid.
setMap(map:google.maps.Map) None Sets the google map that the clusterer is associated with.
setMaxZoom(maxZoom:number) None Sets the max zoom for the clusterer.
setStyles(styles:Object) None Sets the styles.